Introduction to Testing Your Apps

March 12, 2019

How can we ensure we are delivering quality software to our users? In this video we start diving into the world of quality assurance and discuss automated testing for our web and mobile applications.

The Angular Timeline

April 02, 2018

The past, present, and future of Angular As of this writing, Angular is currently at 5.2 (with release candidates for 6.0). Angular took a lot of the community by storm when it was first released in 2010. Back then libraries like dojo, backbone, and…

Build A React Native Chat App

March 04, 2018

Learn how to implement Redux-Sagas with Websockets Parse Server If your launching a minimal viable product or proof of concept, Parse Server can be a great option for your backend services, allowing you to focus on the web or mobile client. It even…

Mobile Web VS Mobile App

August 06, 2017

Which makes sense for you and your product? You’ve got a great solution or product to build. You realize there isn’t a WordPress plugin in the world that can save you. This is a truly custom need that requires a custom solution. You need an App…

Angular vs React

June 12, 2017

Angular vs React Aside from the speed at which these tools are being released, it has sparked a war between developers. Angular Vs React! This eventually leads us to the million dollar question. What’s the best javascript framework? Which one should…

What are Web Components?

June 12, 2017

What are Web Components? An introduction to web component and the common differences accross frameworks and libraries

Creating AngularJS Components

May 17, 2017

No question if you are going to build a new app today you might start off with Angular built on Typescript (Angular 2+). However, with thousands of AngularJS (Angular 1.X) apps still in production, AngularJS isn’t going anywhere just yet. In fact…

Introduction to Angular

March 12, 2017

Backend Platforms - Build vs Buy

May 01, 2015

By now you should realize your product is much more than a mobile app. Where will your application data live? How will you support push notifications? How will you manage all user profiles? How will you integrate with other services? These things are…